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About Us

TasteThatLA, simply put, is five star private chef service that employs a sustainable cooking philosophy. To break that down into laymen’s terms, you get the best food money can buy. Combining five star culinary art, top of the line service, and the finest local ingredients, TasteThatLA offers you an experience you can’t find anywhere else. From weddings, to intimate dinner parties; from corporate events, to social gatherings, our award-winning chefs are at your disposal to provide you exactly what you’re looking for.
Look around the site. Check out our gallery, reviews, and menus to get a more comprehensive view of what we offer. After you’re intrigued by what you see, get in contact with us. We’ll answer any questions you have, and start planning the details to provide you with exquisite meals, amazing service, and ultimately, an experience that will have you coming back for more.

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About The Chef

Meet Owner and Chef Steven Ruiz. Steven is the mastermind behind TasteThatLA. After working at Michelin-star rated Gordon Ramsay’s in West Hollywood for seven years, Steven realized he didn’t need an exclusive restaurant to bring his culinary creations to the world. Instead, he brings them directly to you, with TasteThatLA.

Steven has a love for casual cooking in the home, developed under the effortless culinary ability of his grandmother from the time Steven was just a young boy. Now an acclaimed and award-winning chef, Steven combines his love for the home kitchen with a talent you can only find in the best LA restaurants.


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